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Frequently Asked Record Expungement Questions

When do you need a Record Expungement Lawyer

You need a Lafayette Indiana record expungement lawyer if:

1. You are applying for a job;
2. You are self-employed; or
3. You want to go to college.

People will frequently look at your background before deciding whether they want to hire you, use your business, or have you on their campus.

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Why you need a Record Expungement Lawyer

The expungement law in Indiana is fairly complicated. An experienced Lafayette Indiana expungement lawyer will know:

  1. Which law to use;
  2. How to present your case, and
  3. How the Court’s order should appear.

If you are interested in being able to go hunting with a firearm or in possessing a handgun it is important you tell the lawyer so they can pursue those rights.

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How to choose a Record Expungement Lawyer

Hire someone who has been doing Lafayette Indiana record expungements for many years and who helps you understand that your participation in providing facts is important.

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What does a Record Expungement Lawyer Cost

The cost will vary from $911.32 (this includes some government record charges) to thousands and depend upon the following:

  1. How many counties in Indiana you have criminal convictions, arrests, deferrals, or diversions; and
  2. How many convictions, arrests, deferrals, or diversions you have.

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