What happens if an innocent person is injured by police?

I outline below a personal injury by police case in Indiana. A seriously mentally ill woman rammed her car into barriers by the White House and then deliberately hit police officers with her car. The police pursued her with their vehicle and ended up shooting her to death while her one year old daughter was in the back seat. The police did not know the one year old was in the car. There are many tourists who visit the White House.

Personal injury by police in Indiana

It is not only bullets but cars themselves frequently cause serious injury to bystanders. In an Indiana case in which police pursued a suspect in a high-speed chase in a busy downtown area of a city the suspect vehicle crashed into an innocent person’s vehicle killing a woman and injuring her fiancé. The police department and city asked the trial court to dismiss the case based upon the fact that the police were doing their job at the time. The Indiana Supreme Court told the police and city that “a governmental unit is not immune from liability for injuries caused by its police officer’s negligent operation of a police vehicle while pursuing a fleeing suspect.” The Court then left it to a jury to decide whether the police breached their duty to operate emergency vehicles “with due regard for the safety of all persons” as they are required to do by law. The Indiana Supreme Court has also made the duty of police to conduct their operations in a safe manner clear in two other cases in which innocent people were injured due to high speed chases.