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Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal Defense FAQs2020-07-01T05:13:35+00:00

A Lafayette Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help If You Have Questions

When you’re facing a criminal charge, you need solid help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer like those at Hall-Justice Law Firm. We have a significant history of achieving successful results for our clients. If you have questions, call us today at (765) 351-7023.

When do you need a criminal defense lawyer?2020-07-01T04:45:13+00:00

It is best to contact a criminal defense lawyer before you have been arrested. Or as soon as you think you might be arrested. Do not accept an invitation from police to have a “nice little chat.” Speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer first! If you have already been arrested an experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise family members about the best way to post bail. The sooner you retain a criminal defense lawyer, the sooner the lawyer can gather relevant information. Including contacting the prosecutor who will be asking a judge to issue a warrant for your arrest and trying to convict you.


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Why you need a criminal defense lawyer?2020-07-01T04:46:34+00:00

An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows the law in your state and, importantly, how local prosecutors and judges interpret that law.

  • They can extract information from the prosecutor and negotiate.
  • In addition, they can advise you on the likelihood of defeating the State at a jury trial once all the relevant information has been gathered.
  • A criminal defense lawyer may be able to prevent you from being arrested while at work or at home in front of your family.
  • They can advise you about whether to speak to the police.
  • They are also able to speak to the police or prosecutor on your behalf.

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How to choose a criminal defense lawyer2020-07-01T04:47:41+00:00

Find a criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing criminal defense law for at least 15 years in that area of the state.

  • Does the lawyer belong to criminal defense associations?
  • Is the lawyer active in the local bar association?
  • Does the lawyer attend legal seminars every year devoted exclusively to criminal law?
  • Having a lawyer who is familiar with the law, how it is interpreted by judges, prosecutors, and juries in the area is really important.
  • Look on the web for reviews of that lawyer.
  • Do you feel the staff and lawyer take your case seriously when you contact the office?

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What does a criminal defense lawyer cost?2020-07-01T04:50:32+00:00

Cost of your criminal defense lawyer will depend on many factors of your criminal defense case, some of which are:

  • What it is you are being charged with
  • Your criminal history
  • Whether you are out on bond for another offense
  • Whether you are on probation or parole
  • The facts of the case
  • Whether there is an alleged victim
  • What the injuries to the alleged victim are

The fees for some criminal defense infractions are as little as $395, while a serious felony could cost thousands of dollars. Telephone our office and we will let you know what the cost will be based on your individual circumstances.

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Aren’t all criminal defense attorneys the same?2020-07-01T04:50:59+00:00

No. Many lawyer claim to be criminal defense attorneys; however, they have little experience in the courthouse. Most of their practice involves plea bargaining and prosecutors. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need an attorney who is not afraid of the courtroom and who will fight for your rights from the beginning until the end of your case. Hall-Justice Law Firm has extensive experience standing behind clients who need support. Let us help you.

What is a misdemeanor?2020-07-01T04:51:14+00:00

Misdemeanors are considered lesser offenses than felonies because their penalties are generally lower. However, penalties for Class A, B, or C misdemeanors can still be serious. In general, a misdemeanor offense will result in one year or less in jail and fines of up to $5,000. The class of your misdemeanor will guide your sentencing. Examples of misdemeanors include possession of a small amount of marijuana or operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI/DUI). A criminal defense attorney at Hall-Justice Law Firm can help if you’re facing a misdemeanor charge.

What is a felony?2020-07-01T04:51:33+00:00

A felony is typically more serious than a misdemeanor and can result in more than one year in prison. In Indiana, a felony may be a Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Level 6 felonies are often called “wobblers” and may also be charged as a misdemeanor. You may face anywhere between one year in prison up to a lifetime of incarceration. Felonies include crimes such as involuntary manslaughter, rape, and grand theft. A felony conviction can impact every aspect of your life. Contact our criminal defense lawyers for help.

What is a federal offense?2020-07-01T04:51:57+00:00

Most crimes are prosecuted by the state; however, if you violated a federal crime or committed an offense on federal property, you may be charged with a federal offense. When you face a federal offense, you must face federal prosecution in federal court and federal sentencing. Federal sentencing can be more harsh than state penalties. It’s essential that you obtain an attorney who is familiar with federal courts and federal judges if you’re being charged with a federal offense. Our criminal defense lawyers can help you if you’re facing federal incarceration.

Who can I talk to about my case?2020-07-01T04:52:11+00:00

You should not talk to anyone about your case except your criminal defense attorney. The police and prosecutors will seek information from anyone you know to reach a conviction. Although you may think that you are proving yourself innocent, the prosecution will use your own words against you. Anything you say to anyone about your case can be used against you in court. Even if you speak with an inmate while being held in jail, that information can be used in court. Contact a criminal defense attorney in Lafayette to start discussing your case and building a solid defense.

When is an arrest illegal?2020-07-01T05:03:33+00:00

The answer to “When is an arrest illegal?” depends on the facts of your case.

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Can a statement be used in court?2020-07-01T05:09:49+00:00

Can a defendant’s statement be used in court?

The Indiana Appeals Court held that a Defendant’s statement could not be used against him where a deputy sheriff used the pretext of pulling Defendant over for speeding so a detective could question the Defendant…

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