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Expungement FAQs2020-07-01T06:01:39+00:00

Felony Record Expungement FAQs

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you may be facing serious consequences in your life. It may be difficult to obtain a stable career, you may be unable to find safe housing, and you have difficult continuing your education. Hall-Justice Law Firm can help. We have experience guiding clients through record expungement throughout Indiana.

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How many crimes can I have expunged?2020-06-27T08:53:50+00:00

You may have an unlimited number of criminal convictions removed from your record through expungement. However, you can only file one petition for expungement in your lifetime. Further, if you have convictions in more than one county in Indiana, you must file separate petitions in those counties within 365 days of one another. You must meet these strict deadlines, or you will risk having all of your applications denied.

Can I expunge my arrest?2020-06-27T08:54:24+00:00

If you were never convicted, but have an arrest or criminal charge on your record, we can help you get an expungement. You must wait one year after your arrest to petition for an expungement of your arrest record.

Can I expunge a misdemeanor?2020-07-01T04:22:05+00:00

Yes, most misdemeanor convictions can get an expungement in Indiana. However, you must wait five years after the date of your conviction to petition for a misdemeanor expungement. Further, you must have no other pending charges, and you must have completed your sentence for the crime.

Can I expunge a felony?2020-07-01T04:27:00+00:00

You can seek an expungement of many felonies in Indiana. However, you must wait eight years from the date of conviction to file a petition for expungement of a felony. You must not be currently be facing any criminal charges, and you must have completed your felony sentence as well as meet other requirements. Our experienced attorneys can help you determine if you’re eligible for felony expungement.

Can I expunge a violent or serious felony?2020-07-01T04:33:11+00:00

Some major felonies may be removed from your record eight to 10 years after your conviction. To find out more about whether you’re eligible for an expungement, you should contact Hall-Justice Law Firm. We will evaluate your case and help you understand your legal options.

Will expungement affect my driver’s license?2020-07-01T04:33:43+00:00

If you are seeking to expunge your operating while intoxicated (OWI or DUI) conviction, you may hope to have the conviction removed from your driving record as well. In fact, if your OWI/DUI is expunged from your traffic conviction record, then the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will also expunge the record of your OWI/DUI from public access on your driving record. This can help you when obtaining a job or decent car insurance rates.

Other misdemeanor and felony conviction expungements will not impact your driving record. If you have an existing or pending driver’s license suspension, expungement will not set aside that suspension.

You may seek specialized driving privileges if you are facing a driver’s license suspension. Call Hall-Justice Law Firm today to find out more about protecting your driver’s license.

An Experienced Expungement Lawyer Can Help You2020-07-01T04:34:10+00:00

If you are facing a difficult future because of your past, you may want to seek a criminal record expungement. Hall-Justice Law Firm can answer all of your questions regarding expungement or other criminal issues. Call our lawyers today at (765) 351-7023.

When do you need a record expungement lawyer?2020-07-01T04:34:35+00:00

You need a Lafayette Indiana record expungement lawyer if:

1. You are applying for a job;
2. You are self-employed; or
3. You want to go to college.

People will frequently look at your background before deciding whether they want to hire you, use your business, or have you on their campus.

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Why you need a record expungement lawyer?2020-07-01T04:35:03+00:00

The expungement law in Indiana is fairly complex. An experienced Lafayette Indiana lawyer will know:

  1. Which law to use;
  2. How to present your case, and
  3. How the Court’s order should appear.

If you are interested in being able to go hunting with a firearm or in possessing a handgun it is important you tell the lawyer so they can pursue those rights.

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How to choose a lawyer2020-07-01T04:35:28+00:00

Hire someone who has been doing Lafayette Indiana record expungements for many years and who helps you understand that your participation in providing facts is important.

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What does a lawyer Cost?2020-07-01T04:35:54+00:00

The cost will vary from $911.32 (this includes some government record charges) to thousands and depend upon the following:

  1. How many counties in Indiana you have criminal convictions, arrests, deferrals, or diversions; and
  2. How many convictions, arrests, deferrals, or diversions you have.

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