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Lafayette IN criminal defense lawyerUpon being arrested or under suspicion for a crime, you should immediately retain the services of a criminal defense attorney. Without proper legal representation, you are in danger of the court convicting you, even if you are innocent of the charges against you. When your defense is not properly researched or prepared, you are daring the court to convict you. We recommend you contact our firm immediately upon arrest to ensure you receive the proper representation.

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No one expects to get arrested and need a criminal defense attorney as a result. Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or the police officer was over-aggressive and arrested you without cause? Attorney Susannah Hall-Justice has served as a Lafayette IN criminal defense lawyer for over twenty years and has seen these events occur before. She understands the stress you are facing and will work tirelessly to defend you in your criminal matter.

About Hall-Justice Law Firm

  • Attorney Hall-Justice has been practicing criminal law for over twenty years
  • Has filed many record expungements since Indiana law changed in 2013
  • Is member of National College for DUI Defense
  • Succeeded in defending many Lafayette citizens over the years

At Hall-Justice Law Firm, we handle criminal matters ranging from DUI defense, marijuana possession, drug crimes, theft, burglary, fraud, and other criminal matters. We understand how important your situation is; moreover, we will do everything in our power to ensure you have the best defense possible.

DUI Defense, Marijuana and Drug Crimes, Theft, Burglary & Fraud

At Hall-Justice law firm, Lafayette IN criminal defense lawyer Susannah Hall-Justice has successfully defended a variety of criminal matters. She understands how much stress you are under and strives to protect your confidentiality and integrity during this stressful time.

Defending Your Future

We understand the debilitating effect a criminal charge can have on your life in the present, as well as the future. It is of utmost importance that you have legal presentation to defend you against a conviction or other penalty. While every case has its own set of challenges, criminal allegations are a threat to you personally, professionally and puts your future in doubt.

It will make all the difference in the world to have a skilled and experienced attorney defending you in your criminal matter. At Hall-Justice Law Firm, an experienced attorney will work with you to craft a powerful defense that casts doubt on the evidence presented in your case. We will look into the tactics used by law enforcement as well as other investigatory personnel. We will find any proof of misconduct or evidence that should be inadmissible. These findings will make it increasingly difficult for the prosecution to succeed in convicting you.

With an experienced Lafayette IN criminal defense lawyer by your side, you will feel secure in knowing that your case is in the best of hands. We always aim to have your case dismissed or have your offenses reduced to the lowest extent possible in that situation. We will zealously advocate on your behalf to defend your future.

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Due to the serious nature of the offense, you should secure legal counsel as quickly as possible. A Lafayette IN criminal lawyer can assist you in developing a strong defense that can sway the court in your favor. If you choose to not retain an experienced criminal defense attorney, you are risking both your livelihood and freedom. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in a criminal matter.

You don’t get a restart button in a criminal law case. You have one shot to make a compelling argument that secures your freedom and your future. As an experienced Lafayette IN criminal lawyer, Attorney Susannah Hall-Justice takes pride in her reputation as a skilled criminal defense attorney. She has also been assisting Lafayette IN residents for over twenty years. Her involvement in the community, as well as its many organizations, allows her to have a strong grasp on the pulse on the legal community and the changes that occur in the criminal justice system.

Contact Hall-Justice Law Firm today for a free consultation. We will conduct an intense case evaluation and prepare a strong defense for you. We defend all types of criminal matters, whether a felony or a misdemeanor.

If you are facing a criminal defense charge, contact Lafayette IN Criminal Defense Lawyer Susannah Hall-Justice today.

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