We can help expunge Class D and Level 6 felonies in Lafayette Indiana and surrounding areas.

Expunging Class D and Level 6 Felonies - Lafayette IN Expungement Attorneys

We get lots of questions about this, “Can I have my Class D felony expunged?” or “Can my Level 6 felony be expunged?”

If you have a Class D felony or a Level 6 felony which cannot be reduced to a misdemeanor (see info about reducing to a misdemeanor here) and:

  1. Eight years has passed (it is sometimes possible to obtain the consent of the prosecutor for a shorter time)
  2. You are not:
    • An elected official convicted of an offense while serving the official’s term or as a candidate for public office. (Expungement is still possible, see info here)
    • A sex or violent offender (as defined in IC* 11-8-8-5).
    • A person convicted of a felony which resulted in bodily injury to another person. (Expungement is still possible, see info here)
    • A person convicted of perjury (IC 35-44.1-2-1) or official misconduct (IC 35-44.1-1-1).
    • A person convicted of an offense described in:
      • Killed another human being IC 35-42-1
      • Engaged in Human trafficking IC 35-42-3.5
      • Molested a child IC 35-42-4
    • A person convicted of two (2) or more felony offenses which:
      • Involved the unlawful use of a deadly weapon; and
      • Were not committed as part of the same episode of criminal conduct.

You likely qualify to have your criminal record expunged. There are other requirements we must meet to obtain an expungement so contact us by calling (765) 742-2987 so we can expunge your criminal record.

*IC refers to the Indiana Code which are the laws passed by the Indiana Legislature